Refund Policy

Refund Policy


CONTESTVOTESHOP.COM maintains a limited Refund Policy.
We will not be responsible whether you win, lose or get disqualified in anyway as it would be your decision to buy Votes. We will simply deliver you the committed quantity on package ordered. We don’t get share in the prizes won by our customers, similarly we will not be responsible for sharing any loss caused to our customers.


Refund is covered under this circumstances:

In case we don’t deliver amount of votes we commit, then you may be eligible to get proportionate refund for the amount of votes not done on your link. But if it’s your decision that you don’t need remaining votes from your order or your contest ended already then you can use remaining votes in any other contest in future.


Refund is NOT covered under this circumstances:

1. The order was completed by us.
2. The order was completed by us but you lost the contest or got disqualified.
3. The order was completed by us but the votes got removed by the contest administrator.
4. If the voting ends prematurely.
5. if the contest link stops working.

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